may i ask where you got those bayo 2 shots from? is the streamer I was watching as they were playing with ENG audio selected.

There was another streamer who had a bit higher quality  (they were playing with JPN audio though) but they have their video uploaded on Twitch now (no audio of course due to Twitch policies):

Credit crawl & shit that happened after that

Streamer from where I screencapped these went to replay the whole game over on harder difficulty instead of checking out this game’s Lost Chapter

Very conflicted about the end boss & ending itself

I want it

I want it

Back to being background noise.

chombiechom replied to your post:auwa replied to your photoset:Fun character to…

none of the other characters are available yet….calling OP is premature imo, even if at face value he seems very powerful

Some people are already calling Villager “Metaknight 2.0” but I’ve never played Brawl (or a SSB game in close to 10 years) & really don’t know much about SSB’s depth in regards to the gameplay mechanics, so I wouldn’t know how apt that comparison is.

E - Although, comparing it to the other playable newcomer, Megaman, Villager seems to be a bit easier to get into and play with

auwa replied to your photoset:Fun character to play with

is villager as op as everyones making them out to be

Villager has really good recovery (up + special and side + special but I think you gotta hold a bit for that one until Villager gets on the Gyroid), it can hold onto almost any sort of projectile & item. and seems to play ok from what I’ve seen with it. Has a decent sized throw range too, nothing like Link or whatever but its got reach to it.

Fun character to play with

Went to try out Villager and the first Assist Trophy I get during its tryout…

Whilst I’m using this POS site I might as well upload these too

Nothing special, just tea lights & glitter.

Good game, good game. Haven’t played a Smash Bros. game in years so getting used to the controls again was tricky.

Playin’ that Smash 3DS demo

Another use for the JPN 3DS I have.

One year to go.